Nu Hair Goes to India!

We went to India!


We actually did it! After months of planning and researching, we took a leap of faith to finally meet and establish new relationships with our hair suppliers.


As an ethically run business that strives for the best, we felt that it was necessary to go and experience the process of collecting raw hair from the temples, to the hair bundles being wefted ready to be shipped off to you guys. It was also important to us that our customers have faith in the origins of our product.


After travelling for a total of 18 hours, Landing in India was a major culture shock, yet felt quite familiar as two girls from West Africa, Ghana, traipsed around a vibrant and bustling city. From the unforgiving heat, loud haggling and reckless driving to the amazing food and respected family values are what reminded us of back home.


The food, what can I say about the food other than: amazing! I have never been a fan as it always resulted in an upset stomach whenever I ate it in London. The fresh herbs and recipes in India has completely changed my perceptions and can't wait to go back and have their juicy butter chicken again!


Waking up at the crack of dawn to visit the factories, offices and homes of the suppliers was not easy but very worth it!

A few of our suppliers are family-run businesses which means that as a small business our selves, going into business with these families has a direct impact on their lives which we find, is pretty special.


The natural hair textures in Indian Women are extremely versatile ranging from dead straight hair to tight kinky curls. The variety of textures and styles is great and thus removing the necessity of processing the hair to achieve a certain texture. Processing hair usually means using steam or more often, chemicals, to alter the feel and curl of the hair. This can be damaging to the hair leaving it weak and its life expectancy a lot shorter than expected. 

The simpleness and the authenticity of our Raw Hair extensions and wigs are what makes the hair last a lot longer than some Chinese hair, which is often, processed.

 We had the privilege of seeing exactly how the hair is sewn and bundled up!


We will be releasing a video soon talking about our experience so watch out!