My Nu Wig - Nu Hair
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Hair length Chart - straight
My Nu Wig - Nu Hair
My Nu Wig - Nu Hair
My Nu Wig - Nu Hair
Build your own -  Nu Wig

Build your own - Nu Wig

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UPDATE: Frontal wigs and Swiss lace out of stock

You're 3 easy steps away from your new Wig!

Create your own wig. Choose the length, colour and style! 

Please note that all wigs up to 16" are 240g (2.5 bundles ) and any wigs 18" and longer are 340g (3/3.5 bundles  - if you would like this to be thicker then please send us an email ! 


For more information on how to create your brand new wig, then please read the following below. 


What will I need for a Nu wig to be made for me?
1. Hair Bundles


2. Choose your lace closure length, width, and colour

Please note that we only have transparent Swiss lace available as our HD lace is out of stock

Lace closures reduce the amount of leave out needed to complete the look thus protecting your hair from damage.
lace frontal wigs will be available very soon

3. Customise it! - choose parting.
Please specify any extra requirements you may have in
Each custom-made wig is made with a spandex wig cap which is naturally elasticated for a secure yet comfortable fit on the head. Due to the nature of the wig cap, it is capable of fitting most head sizes.


If you feel you require a larger or smaller cap for any reason please let us know
We may contact you via email to clarify your specifications.
Processing time : 2-3 weeks - no refunds for not acknowledging our processing time.